Glitter, Sequins & 2016 #Goals

Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015 has been real! In the most literal sense of the word. This year I stopped being who I thought I had to be and got the courage to begin to learn who I truly am and to just be. I am so grateful for the lessons this year has brought and look forward to 2016! Here are some of my #goals.

Live in colour:  I've spent most of my life in grey, black and brown. I believe that I've been mourning my whole life. lol. There are so may spectacular colours in the world and I hope to incorporate them into my daily life to spark joy! I plan to fill my closet, home and life with colour and wonder!

Travel outside the country: Australia, Dubai, Thailand, Italy, Kenya, Senegal, Bali, Greece. many places I'd love to travel to with my family. I've learned that true life is made of experiences rather than the accumulation of things. One of my boys would like to become a Zoologist. Taking him on a safari in Kenya would be amazing! 

Blog more frequently:  My oldest baby is going to be 7 this year! 7!  I plan to blog more frequently and create, capture and share more curious pieces of our lives. I will continue to blog about style and garden but also add more pinches of real life moments. 

Host parties: I'd love to host beautifully themed parties at my house. I will forever love having family and friends over! I will forever love laughter, smells of delicious food and great company. Here's to more football parties, holiday parties and parties for absolutely no reason at all!

Workout daily: Do ya'll know that youtube has quick 5 min workout videos? I have no excuse! My mind and heart is so much clearer after working out! I want to be a fit momma!

Intentionally loving my boys: I want to play with them-- no matter how tired I am when I come home from work, read to them daily, meet their gaze with a smile frequently, let them bring garden critters into the house although I'm terrified, demonstrate patience when the bedtime routine isn't going as planned and discover who they are created to be rather than trying to shape them into who I would like them to be. I want them to know that they are the center of my world--next to God and Daddy of course. 

Tour the state: There is so much to do and see in our home state. The mind and heart thrives on new experiences and it's a goal of mine for us to discover new things to do, places to see and people to meet.

Daily Devotions: An inspiring word, song, scripture in the morning sets the pace for my entire day. I want to carve out time in my busy day to spend with God.

Keep dating him: When we have been married for 50 years may we still feel the way we did for each other when we were dating for 5 days :)

Plant fruit trees: I'm seriously tired of buying apples and pears. It would be so awesome to have them growing in my own yard!  

Just Live!: Because life is too short to not wear the glitter sweater and sequin skirt both at the same time!

Glitter Sweater ~ H&M
Sequin Skirt ~ H&M
Magenta Pumps ~ Macy's ~ Similar

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