Day Trip - Mt. Rainier National Park

Monday, October 9, 2017

I mother best when I'm out in nature. Where there is no laundry to fold, no carpet to be vacuumed and no dishes to wash. Where the air is clean, the river runs slowly through the boulders and silence is so heavy that you can feel it. Find your mothering place. A place where you can happily mother. When you do...go there often.

My family recently visited Paradise at Mt. Rainier National Park. Our goal is that the boys have a bonded appreciation for nature that they carry along with them for their entire lives and visits to amazing National Parks such as this one imprints memories that would last a lifetime. They had fun filling out the Junior Ranger worksheets and getting their badges, chasing each other up the trail and searching for animal tracks in the snow. 

The drive to the Park from Seattle is about 1 1/2 hours. We spent most of the journey playing eye spy and it was so funny to guess the things that they spied on the way. We packed sandwiches and CapriSuns and ate with friends that we met their. Once we decided to head for the trail the snow stopped so we were able to enjoy the view even more. While walking my second oldest decided to step off the trail for a bit..just then a man that spoke little english said "No, Bear!" I thought that he was joking but visitors walking down showed me the photo. Talk about panic! My little black behind was like, "Heck no, my babies ain't feelna die out here" lol. Hubby reassured me that it was fine and we made it up the trail and back with no problem. I tell ya...I'd follow this guy anywhere. 

The park is great for families and well traveled with lots of visitors from around the world. The trail is paved and easily walkable. There is also an Inn close by if you'd like to stay longer but it makes for a great day trip! The cost to get in for the day is $25 and I think that the best time to visit is in the Spring, Summer and Fall -- when the roads are easily drivable without too much snow. 

Overall it was an amazing trip and I'd definitely go again...bear sighting and all :) 

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