Tuesday, December 8, 2020

It's almost winter but it's a perfect time to plan your trip to Yellowstone National Park next year! We went at the end of August 2020 and were totally safe although we traveled during a pandemic. When visiting we recommend staying close to the west entrance! That's where most of the cool sites are. Yellowstone is amazing!! There is so much to see! We recommend going in May or early September to beat the crowds! The park has a lodge and also amazing camping/RVing sites. We rented an RV for the trip and stayed at the Yellowstone West KOA. When traveling in a pandemic we truly recommend an RV as it's a hotel on wheels! Here are three sights to visit when you visit Yellowstone;

1. MIDWAY GEYSER BASIN - The Midway Geyser basin is where you'd find the beautiful rainbow colored Grand Prismatic Basin. We went in the evening so the there was a lot of steam and we couldn't quite see it in all of it's glory. We hear that the best time to see it is on a sunny day at noon. We didn't want to meet up with the crowds at that time but the sight might be totally worth it! There is also the Turquoise and Oval Pools at that same area. As you enter you'll see the magical flow from the Excelsior Basin. Boiling hot water runs into a cool river and the water temperature is divine! We couldn't bathe in the river at the time that we visited though. It's also close to our next must see site! Old Faithful!! 

2. OLD FAITHFUL - Old faithful was a grand sight to see! It erupts up to 180 feet in the air and is very predictable -- hence it's name. It erupts at least 20 times per day and the park is very good and predicting when it is set to erupt. There is seating available in a circle around the Geyser so viewing is awesome! The boys were impatient while waiting but absolutely in awe when it erupted! An absolute must see! 

3. GRAND CANYON OF THE YELLOWSTONE - We loved the views at Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. We loved that there were hiking trails around so the boys could walk and get the wiggles out instead of standing still and watching. The canyon drops to unveil a beautiful waterfall and river. 

Yellowstone is just grand! We highly recommend it! One week for a holiday is good to see everything. It's close to Grand Teton National Park -- you literally drive from one park straight into another. A week is enough to enjoy them both! Check out our post on "3 Must See Sites at Grant Teton" as well! 

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