Causual Chic Maternity Style

Monday, January 23, 2017

A blouse, maternity jeans and flats are my current wardrobe go to items These flats literally go with everything. I love them so much because they look chic without being high. The color also adds a little fun to the outfit. I really haven't found the need to purchase much maternity clothing since blouses like this one do the trick. The loose cut and slits on the side accommodate well for my growing belly. I also love that it's polka-dot! When in doubt go for a cute top and fancy flats! 

I'm growing more and more eager to meet my little lad. The other morning I woke up so excited! There's something just so awesome about becoming a mom again while in my thirties!! I finally feel like a woman...I know who I am, the kind of mother I was created to be and feel fully ready to welcome our sweet little family member. He's doing some serious activity in there but seems to be the most mellow of my kids so far if activity is a barometer because the other boys were way more active. My current symptoms are strooong braxton hicks contractions, fatigue, heartburn, frequent urination and NESTING. My dear husband was so kind to clear out the garage...I can't even say how many items I've taken to Goodwill! Oh, I'm also much less tolerant of rude mama bear in every sense of the word.

To prepare for labor I've been doing some relaxation exercises, watching old school Sinbad stand up comedy LOL, eating healthy...alot of vegetable juicing and trying to moderately exercise. Not much longer to go! YAY!  


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