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Friday, June 16, 2017

By far nursing is one of my favorite parts of being a momma of a babe. I love the ease of food being ready made and the amazing bond it forms. Our nursing sessions are when I'm forced to slow down and just be. Here, he makes eye contact, I smile and he lets out the most heart stopping grin to reveal a mouth full of milk. How can you beat that?

There are many great products that helps to make nursing successful; however, here are my top picks..

1. The Boppy Pillow 
Hands down the best nursing pillow our there! Constant nursing can make your arms tired. This pillow helps you to prop them up and instead of baby pulling down on the breast--which increases pain--he/she is much better positioned to support successful breastfeeding.

2. Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads
These saved my life and I've used them with each child! They are gel pads that you refrigerate before placing on the breast during pursing sessions. The first week of nursing can make nipples sore. These help to sooth any discomfort.

3. Eddie Bauer 4-in-1 Nursing Cover
This versatile nursing cover can be worn as a scarf, shopping cart or car seat cover. It's so easy to drape over when I'm out and about.

4. Sports Clip Down Nursing Bra
Oh my gosh! I love this nursing bra. It's so comfy and provide lots of support! If you are unaware of what a nursing bra is--it's a bra that has clips that allow the front section of the bra to flip down for easy access when nursing.

5. Lansinoh Lanolin Cream
This nipple cream is great to sooth and promote the healing of sore nipples.

6. Lansinoh Nursing Pads 
 Lansinoh totally wins in the breastfeeding product department! These nursing pads are tried and true! They are absorbent, looks good under clothing and stays in place.

Happy nursing mamas! What nursing items are your favorite?

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