7 Tips For Making Home Cozy

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

As moms we all have a very powerful role. Being the queen of our home means that we are the ones that set the atmosphere of the foundation that our children will draw upon years into the future. I think in words and one word that I'd like my home to be described as is cozy. Here are some tips for creating a cozy home.


I love a couch full of soft pillows and keep a basket of extra blankets in the living room for my family and guests to use. I try to choose pillows with removable covers to that if the boys spill or dirty them during a pillow fights it'll be ok. 

I am unapologetically a blanket hoarder and believe that you can never have enough! Whether it's snuggling up for a movie, keeping the boys warm when they are sick or making a friend cozy on my couch as we get into deep conversation...a soft blanket helps when building cozy memories. 


There is so much beauty in the world and sometimes being indoors for hours makes us forget. I like to bring that beauty in by adopting a lot of tropical plant babies :) It's a bit tricky having indoor plants with kids; however, after some coaching they are now understanding that indoor plants aren't for tearing, eating or toppling over. There is a sense of calm that having plants indoors bring. Not to mention that they help to clean the air for us! I purchase most of my plants from Trader Joe's and love giving and receiving them as gifts. 


Have you ever smelled something that took you straight back to a place? Infusing different yummy smells into your home makes you just want to spend the day indoors. Whether it's the crisp fresh scent of lemon oil in a diffuser, a glade scented plugin or a seasonal candle, you are bound to set a calm tone to your home by choosing a great scent! Currently I'm loving the Mandarin Berry candle from Target! 


I actually hate cleaning! I come from a long line of awesome women that clean to relax but that gene skipped over me! I'm totally a right side of the brain person and the monotony of cleaning every day bores me incredibly! However, I cannot deny the calmness that comes along with a clean home. I try to follow a simple cleaning routine daily even though I'd rather skip it for something I love doing more i.e. cooking or gardening. If, like me, you dislike cleaning I strongly suggest getting a professional cleaner to come in once or twice per month to clean. Listen, there is no shame in the game! The proverbs 31 woman had helpers! It gives you more flexibility to do the things that you are more gifted at. 


To infuse coziness into your personal space choose paint and furniture colors that are more neutral and accent with a brighter color if you love bright colors. Think about colors as they naturally appear in nature. The sky in blue or grey, clouds are white, sand is brown, trees are green etc. We see more vibrant colors speckled around such as red, yellow, orange and purple but they are not as dominant in nature. Natural colors calm the mind and help to replenish your energy. 


There is something about fairy lights and Christmas lights that is just so naturally comforting. I don't believe that they are only meant for Christmas time! String some lights on top of a dresser, desk or piano, behind a couch or around a window for a cozy touch! 


Every mama needs her own space. A space to read, create and pray. It can be a chair in a corner, a pouf on the floor, an office or, like I've created, a desk with a lamp artwork and flower. This is my happy space. I keep a blanket on my chair for when I wake up early and it's cold. In order to make cozy spaces for your family you must make a cozy space for yourself! 

Cheers to the New Year and to making your home cozy for yourself and for those you love! 

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