Farmers Market in October

Friday, October 3, 2014

As a little girl growing up in Trinidad I remember begging my mom and grandma to go to the market with them! Produce beautifully organized, vendors calling out to passers by--the energy of the market always drew me in. It's the place where my love for people and fresh produce combine and I'm the absolute happiest! 

This week I visited my local farmers market with my kiddos & husband. Stacks of carrots, greens, apples, squash, beets and other fall produce and flowers where everywhere. I find the market much more personal than going to the grocery store and the price tag is also much better!  The assurance that what my family eats is pesticide free and local, sometimes harvested fresh that morning, is so reassuring. I love spending quality time with my family here where my heart is at home. 

Outfit Details
Demin Shirt - Target
Shirt - Target
Shorts - Forever 21
Sandals - Nordstrom Rack 
Eat More Kale Bag - TJ Maxx 

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