Casually Pink & Tips for Styling on a Budget

Thursday, February 26, 2015

After I became a mom I was faced with a dilemma, less money for shopping. The money I did get would go first to the children and I gave up on taking care of myself. This August I decided to really focus on dressing up and chronicling it on this blog. Here are a few tips that help me style on a buget.

Shop End Of Season Clearance
Need a coat for next winter? In love with jeweled tones, fur and sequins? Then this is the time to buy! Most stores have over 50-70% off all winter season clothing items. I got these plum suade pumps at DSW on clearance for just $16!

Shop Thrift Shops
I have to admit, I get really frustrated while thrift shopping. Many times it takes a bit more time to treasure hunt at a thrift shop and a 1 1/2 year old crying for milk while a 4 year old needs to use the bathroom and a 6 year old is begging for my phone makes it a less pleasurable experience. However, when I have time alone I love to browse and this eel skin clutch I got for $2 was a total score!

Shop Sales on Clearance Items
I love clearance but better than clearance is an additional sale on already clearanced items. When a
 store is offering 25% off all clearance items you can really get some awesome deals! Nordstrom Rack runs these clear the rack events often and I believe the next one is in early April. I got this pink oversized pink tunic for an additional 25% off of the clearance price making it $11.22 from $54. Be careful with sales though, take stock of what you already have in your closet and buy just what you need or you will end up spending more than you intended.

Set A Clothing Budget
If you don't have the money its not a deal! Nothing upsets a great shopping trip more than the realization that you've overspent. Set a budget for clothing every month--even if all you can afford is $20, label an envelope "clothing fund" and put it aside. If you don't spend it that month roll it over to the next month. But seriously, shopping is therapy for me, I should be able to claim it on my medical insurance! lol

Buy Basics First!
I use to have a closet full of color, print and texture and always said I had nothing to wear! This was because I needed to purchase basic items first. Basic items are mostly neautral palette items that act as a foundation from which to build a closet. You will wear them more often to mix and match--thus getting more for your money! Invest in jeans, black leggings and neautral colors before fluorescent pumps and a pink sweater.

Those are just some of my tips for style on a budget. If you have any tips please leave them below!

Shirt ~ Norstrom Rack
Leggings ~ Fred Meyer ~ Similar
Shoes ~ DSW ~ Similar
Clutch ~ Goodwill ~ Similar

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