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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Today is the 2nd day of the #SCSpringStyle challenge and the focus was on spring clutches and bags. Straw clutches have made a comeback! I remember my mom and aunties rocking them in the late 80s early 90s. They are so chic and the scalloped detailing on this one is just exquisite.
 I purchased this dress last season and it's still my favorite-- just love the color and floral lace embroidery! It's my "in case you forgot" dress. Every mom has to have one to remind him from time to time! Lol! Wearing the same color in different shades works well for a more monochromatic look. I got these shoes on clearance from DSW and the fridge detail is so much fun!  My hair is also different.

I took my braids out and have been rocking my natural hair. I've been natural for almost 6 years but chopped it off last summer and have been enjoying it short. I want easy maintenance and decided to give water only washing a try. Yes you heard me...washing with no shampoo, just water! It's so a thing...just google it! lol The basic premise is that sebum, the oil we produce naturally in our scalp is the best oil to coat our strands and constantly washing with harsh chemicals strips it away causing dryness and the need to put in other moisturizers.  So far I've found that my hair is doing well and has better curl definition. I'll let you know how it goes in about a month or so.

This week I've been really focused on enjoying the moment and spending more quality time with the boys. We took time to transplant veggies in the garden, play on the playground, visit the zoo and read books. At times we all are prone to forgetting that joy and true happiness isn't illusive out there somewhere. It isn't when we go on that vacation, buy that item we've been longing for or get that raise. It is happens the instant we accept the present and all that we are blessed with.

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