A Thrift Store Top & 3 Rules for Thrift Store Shopping

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Okay y'all, a moment of silence for this top I found at a thrift store! I paired her with a distressed denim skirt and tan wedges. I really liked how the contrast of the delicate embroidery balanced the rugged look of the skirt. This is truly me! On one hand I'm really compassionate, caring and all about being dainty but on the other hand I'm adventurous, outgoing and super loud...it's complicated. lol

I used to really dislike shopping at thrift stores. Three kids in tow and a store with little organization was a recipe for disaster. Here are some rules I've discovered for shopping at a second hand shop;

RULE #1: Go alone - Thrift store shopping takes time and patience and one kid yelling for french fries while another one is crying because it's nap time will cause you to want to leave or just start crying yourself. Make it a therapeutic time for just you. I find that I don't like shopping at a thrift store with adults either because they might sway my decision on an item of clothing that I really like. We don't always get each others' vision and for that reason just going alone can be more effective.

RULE #2 Shop with your eyes - Thrift store shopping can be over stimulating. There is just so much to choose from with no rhyme or reason. I've found that I don't need to touch every item of clothing to know if I like it.  Instead of touching every item I walk down the isles paying attention to the feeling I get when I see something. I typically don't go shopping for anything in particular. I look for the feeling the item gives to me. This saves a lot of time. Pay attention to colors and patterns that get you exited! If it sparks joy I get it!

RULE #3 Budget - Thrift Store shopping can add up. $4 here and $5 there can amount to a lot if we did not budget for it. Set a budget before hand before you end up spending more than you would at a department store.

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