Work Style & 10 Tips for Working Moms

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's official. It's been a little over one year now that I've been back to work outside of the home. For 5 years I was at home with the boys. Well...not really all in at home. In fact I had four jobs. I worked remotely as an HR professional,  did clients' hair out of my home, ran another blog and took care of my sweet boys.  I know, a sister stays busy!

Childcare has been a challenge but I think we've come to the best solution. My husband started his own business that allows him to work from home so he's able to watch the boys during the daytime. I know, it's a huge blessing!! I'm such a helicopter mom and really, only he would do. My heart is at peace because I know the level of love and patience he has for them. Although he's at home, because he is also running a business, we both have to give 150 %. I really can't afford to come home from work tired because that's when he starts working. Here are some tips that have helped me to get my energy level up.

1. Early To Bed - There's no way around it. I have to get to bed early or I'm a total zombie! Bedtime for me now is 9:30pm.  There's nothing that recharges me better than a good snooze. I'm more focused, energized and better able to handle the tasks of the day.

2. 5 Minute Workout - I literally have no time for the gym. I no longer have a gym membership because it isn't practical for me at this time. In the morning I simply do a quick 5 minute workout video from YouTube such as this one or this one.

3. Create A Weekly Schedule - Mommy brain is real! I MUST create a weekly schedule for work to remain on track and on the ball. I just cannot afford to miss deadlines. Here is a beautiful weekly planner that I use. I just print multiple pages and check off my tasks each day.

4. Select Clothing Ahead Of Time - I try to to select what the boys and I will wear for the week on the Sunday before. It saves a great deal of time!

5. Eat 3 Frogs - A frog is your ugliest, most challenging task. It's something that you typically put on the back burner because it's unexciting or just a pain. If you're a stay at home mom it could be folding the laundry, cleaning the refrigerator or setting a budget. At the office this could be an expense report, finishing up that extra project or getting that memo out. Since you are most alert in the morning choose three frogs (tasks) to do before you check your emails or do anything else. This really works!

6. The Crock-pot Is Your BFF - Cooking is my favorite way to love my family. I just don't have the time I did. I try to cook larger more intricate meals on the weekend and simply put together meals in a crock-pot during the week. This works for soups, beans, stews etc.

7. Eat Dinner at Work -  I got this idea from a co-worker that was working late. I saw her pull out her frozen dinner at 5:30 and thought a-ha! That's such a great idea! Instead of going home famished as my little birdies chirp "mine, mine, mine" because they're all hungry; I could just eat at work before going home. You want to do this at least an hour before leaving or else all the energy could rush to your stomach for digestion, leaving you tired--which defeats the purpose. Give yourself a little time to digest.

8. Hire Help - It is impossible to do it all! Even if you can afford to ask someone you know to fold laundry and pay them it would greatly help! It's better than spending all weekend folding laundry when you can be out on an exciting day excursion with your family. Time is so precious.

9. Don't Take Work Home- Work can wait. Our families can't. The best companies to work for encourage a proper work/life balance. If your current company doesn't support this then there is a better place for you. I'm not saying that I don't go in early or stay back late if I need to but when I open the door to our home I'm mommy and wife!

10. Have Fun! - I live for the days I'll remember most! Playing ball tag with the family, going camping and canoeing will create memories that is going to last a lifetime. Try to schedule your vacations around holidays so that you can have extra time off for fun with your family.

These are my tips for working mamas. They will apply to SAHMs as well. Please comment and let me know what your tips are! Hugs and love!

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