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Thursday, May 12, 2016



 Squash I didn't plant


 Greens from last year now bearing seeds




Rosemary Flowering

Spring is here and the garden has been in full swing! So far we have planted kale, peas, squash, beans, lettuce, cabbage and carrots. Some plants that we did not plant sprouted up from last year's seeds such as borage, squash and tomatoes. The seeds must have been from fruit that fell to the ground. We also didn't plant potatoes but they are growing in the garden. We throw our kitchen scraps directly into the garden and more potato plants grow from the potato skins. I've just been letting them grow wild. I'm definitely not going to have neatly uniformed plants in rows this year because they are just doing their own thing! We planted four strawberry plants 3 years ago and they have taken off! I gave them their very on space along the fence and they are doing really well. We are looking forward to lots of strawberries this summer! The boys keep on checking to see if they are ready. lol.

The bees are back and they are loving the borage flowers. We just love to watch them. There are also a ton of worms in the ground which is good. I believe that means that the ground is healthy and they are making more soil. I got some lovely kale and cabbage starts from a local market that sells non gmo organic plants. They grew really well but green aphids got to them! Ugh..those darn insects! I had to uproot them because they started to look really damaged. I'm going to have to try to get rid of the aphids somehow. I hear that ladybugs eat them and they also hate cayenne pepper. I'll figure something out. Slugs also started to eat some of our plants. The wood chips we put down 3 years ago is now decomposed and we got some more to lay over the garden. It seems to be now running the slugs away because I don't think that they like crawling over the prickly wood chips.

Overall there are more positives than negatives and we are learning a lot. We'll see what June brings...

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