Weekend Getaway - Corbett OR

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! We did! This year we made the treck a bit south to celebrate the holiday with my family. We had a great time eating, laughing and, as in most homes this year..talking about American politics. The highlight of our trip was the adventures we had in Corbett OR. We decided to venture off the beaten path and stay at a bed and breakfast in this amazing town! I've lived in Oregon before but never even heard of Corbett. I'm so thankful that our love for nature, wonder and adventure led us here! 

We visited Latourell Falls and The Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint. The boys loved hiking down to the base of the waterfall and when my middle guy got close to the water he lifted his hands and started to sing..imagine Rafiki lifting Simba in the Lion King...it was that same kind of vibe! lol! I have no idea where he gets his personality from but he keeps us laughing!! While in Corbett we also drove a mere 25 mins to Portland to visit the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). It was great to watch the boys discover and test information on water pressure, electricity, sound and space. If you make it to Oregon, I highly recommend visiting these sites!

they've created their own little dance :)

Haggai 2:9

the boys at the base of the waterfall :)

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