Tips For Gardening With Kids

Friday, June 2, 2017

Gardening with my children has been such a joy! I started when my husband and I lived in a one bedroom apartment with a newborn-- picture carrots, cucumbers and peas growing in containers on a patio. The cucumbers grew so much that they were hanging over the balcony and reaching to my neighbor below! It is my happy place and I find it important to open the door to my happy place and let them in. Seeds get spilled, rows aren't straight but they learn so much! They appreciate food, learn to love the earth, learn patience, sharing and so much more. Here are some helpful tips for gardening with little ones;

Let Them Choose
While shopping for seeds and/or seedlings I like to take them along with me. This year they chose a super massive pumpkin variety that we probably have little room for in the garden and last year they chose watermelons (which don't do well in the PNW climate) but involving them gets them so pumped! I also like that it fosters their independence.

Plant Smaller Varieties
I love to plant things that they can easily snack on such as baby carrots, raspberries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes and snap peas. While they play in the backyard they roam about and graze. It's the cutest!

Purchase Child Sized Tools
In the spring and summer hardware stores usually stock child sized garden tool sets like this one click here. They love having their very own and I don't have to worry about them getting hurt by a larger tool and am more willing to let them help.

Let Them Plant 
I love seeing my kids in the dirt! When they plant it they eat it! Let me tell you...if I bought kale at the store they would never eat it...unless I hide it in a smoothie. However, they eat by the handful from the garden without anyone asking them to.

Plant Something Weird
Kids are intrigued by things that aren't the norm. This year we planted black tomatoes. Other options are purple potatoes, white strawberries, Romanesco broccoli and purple beans.

Happy almost summer!

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