How I Go Places With All 4 Kids

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

People stare at me a lot when I'm out and about with all of my children. I don't blame them...I still count when I see parents of large families to see how many children they have. lol. We all judge each other when we go beyond what is perceived as the norm and any family with over 2 children is apparently a spectacle. Let me tell you...leaving the house with everyone is a production...but I have some tips that work well for me and may be helpful to you also. 

Sleep the night before: My biggest stressor is sleep deprivation, hands down! Anyone that knows me knows that I'm pretty much a werewolf if I don't sleep. When I plan on going on an outing by myself with the boys I make sure I rest well the night before so that I can be a patient mom while we are out and about.  

Eat before we leave: I like to leave the house right after a big breakfast or lunch. I make sure that everyone is dressed and then feed them. I do run the risk of having them spill on their clothing but I'd rather that than having to scramble to find food once we get there.

Dress them alike: I take great pride in dressing my boys. My husband laughs at me but I really love it! When we go out I make sure that I dress them in the same shirt so that in a crowded sea of children at the park, zoo or concert I can quickly locate them.

Use the bathroom first thing! : Once we arrive at our destination I have everyone use the bathroom. The worst is having to sprint to find a restroom with all of them running behind me. Not cute! A couple of them are known for just whipping it out and using the bathroom anywhere they please so I make sure they do that first thing.

Pack snacks: My oldest is the king of snack packing and I'm so grateful for his help! I recently purchased a backpack cooler from Costco and we make sure we take fruit, water, veggies, chips and sandwiches when we are going out.

Don't let the baby cry: An outing is going to go south really quickly if the baby starts crying.  Lord knows that it sounds like an alarm bell that throws me off my the older boys get so concerned. If he even looks like he's hungry I feed soon as he whimpers I put him in a carrier or see if he needs to be changed. Happy baby, happy outing.

Have a talk: Before we get to our destination I remind them that I am alone with all of them. I am honest and let them know that I'm not going to stay if they aren't on good behavior because it's just me and I'd rather go home than stress myself out. I remind them once while we are there and they usually behave. I'm very consistent and don't blurt out empty threats so they know I mean business. I've been known to turn a car right back around.

Go to places we both enjoy: They absolutely detest shopping with me! lol! So I wouldn't torture them with a shopping trip. I'd shop online before taking them all to the mall or grocery store with me. However, I have no problem taking them all to the zoo, parks, beaches, theaters, museums or pool by my lonesome.  

I'm definitely not a super mom. I've had lots of practice and have come a long way from where I was as a mom of one or two. I definitely gets much easier! I hope you are all having a great summer so far mamas!

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