Ruffle Blouse + Fringe Demin

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hi friends! Hope that you are all doing well! I recently went shopping for some jeans that I could actually zip up and button and I was so excited to find these mid rise ones with fringe detail. I paired them with this cute ruffle blouse,  neutral bag and shoes and a classic red lip. I've gotten some questions about my hair. No, I didn't cut it again! It's actually crochet braids. I just cannot be bothered with my hair these days! It's a great way to wake up stylish! (Insert Beyonce Song The brand of hair I used for this look is called MODEL MODEL and the style is Jumpy Wand Curl 2x. It's actually much longer but I cut it. You should totally try it!

Life has surprisingly not been too crazy! One thing that having four littles has thought me is to prioritize. I know my limits and definitely feel more grounded as a woman. The boys will be on summer break soon though so we shall see how grounded I actually am! LOL!

Ruffle Blouse: H&M
Shoes: H&M

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