10 Self-Care Tips For Moms

Friday, February 23, 2018

I use to think that giving until it hurt meant that I was a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and Christian. If I wasn't dog tired at the end of the day that meant I wasn’t enough... I  didn’t do enough so I wasn't enough. The first time I heard of the term self-care I thought it was related to being selfish and of course a good Christian mom couldn’t be selfish. This practice of self depletion led me to become resentful, grumpy and mentally and spiritually drained. When I was totally empty a rant that went something like this would be unleashed onto my family; "I'm done, I'm the only one that ______!" Fill in the blank with any household chore.

However, the truth is that my working to gain love and approval was a manifestation of low self esteem. When I found out that Christ thought that I was amazing just for waking up and being my life changed for the better!  I didn't have to perform to have self worth. Listen y'all, Jesus practiced self-care on a daily basis! He did not give until he was faint. He ate, slept, walked and kept company with those that replenished his heart. Here are 10 self care tips that replenish my heart and leaves me a better mama for my family;

1. Sleep - I listen to my body and when it says you need to rest, I rest! Sometimes I ask my hubby to put the boys to bed and I retire early. I also catch a nap on the weekend when he's home to watch the boys. Sleep is so rejuvenating! All my problems go away after a good nap or night's rest! Listen, Jesus slept when he needed! Remember when he was at the bottom of the boat sleeping while the disciples thought that they were going to die in the storm? He was like "mans is tired!" lol.

2. Journaling - Journaling is my way of getting all of my thoughts out of my head! Somehow writing things down feeds my soul! When my thoughts are on paper I can better tackle my daily tasks because I'm not hung up on my perceived problems.

3. Working out - Lets be honest! I'm not packing up my car to go to anyone's gym! My life changed when my friend Tanzy of Revamp Fitness  introduced me to Tabata Workouts when she spoke at a women's conference I attended. Her story is amazing! I started squeezing little 4 minute workout videos like this one and this one in my daily routine and feel so refreshed after! If you struggle with anxiety and depression you have to work out! It's your cure!

4. Time in Nature - I love to spend lots of time in nature with my family! In nature, I sit silent and listen to the birds sing or a gushing waterfall. Sometimes I rest my head against the strength of a tree, close my eyes and feel the breeze flow across my face. We were made for the outdoors. These experiences help me to be filled in ways I can't explain!

5. Long Shower or Bath - I love to buy sweet smelling body washes and bath bombs and take my time in the shower or bath. Many of my best ideas come while I'm taking a shower! I think it's because my mind is calm enough to think.

6. Nailpolish - I love doing my nails. I feel more polished when they are done! I choose not to go to the salon and get them done because I'd much rather spend that money on something else; however, I love the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Duo Nail Color! NOT AN AD! I can do dishes and not worry about my nail polish chipping. The 15 minutes a week it takes for me to get my nails done is so worth it! Another option that a mama mentioned to me was to put one coat of nail polish on each day. This way it covers any chips and lasts longer. You'd want to do that with a more sheer color of course! I like flesh toned shimmery colors by Essie.

7. Create Something - My creative outlet is writing, yours might be baking, knitting or woodwork. We were born to create! Take a little time each week to reach inside of yourself and pull a part of you out onto a page, a cake, music, hairstyle or an art piece.

8. Podcasts or Audiobooks - In a house full of loud testosterone I've found head phones to be so helpful! While I do household chores I put in headphones, put the baby in a carrier on my back and tune everything out for about 20 to 30 minutes. My current favorite podcast is "Therapy for Black Girls" and I love non fiction auto biography books.

9. Childcare - I'm a total helicopter mom but I realize that a couple hours at grandma and grandpa's house while I go grocery shopping or to watch a movie is ok. I come back refreshed and a better mama! The YMCA is a great option for some mommy time. You can drop off your littles while attending a class or working out.

10. Affirmations - Sometimes the negative self talk we gathered from our family of origin, a bad work experience or an unsafe individual can dominate our mind, paralyzing us. I choose a couple affirmations and repeat it every time negative self talk comes up! My favorites are, " I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made" Psalm 139:14 and Psalm 27:1 "The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear?" Other great ones are; "I love myself and speak gently to myself", "I carry strength and resilience in me", "I am enough" and "I honor my own life path". There are so many! Your can look on pinterest or google "self care affirmations". They key is to just start with one or two so that you don't get overwhelmed. Write them on your bathroom mirror, desk, doorway on index cards or in your phone notes to remember.

I promise that if you intentionally gift yourself with one of these per day you'll feel awesome!

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