Demin, Lace & Postpartum Body Image

Saturday, May 6, 2017

I wanted to talk about postpartum body image. First off, I have to say that if I didn't have a stand up desk at work the entire term of this pregnancy I probably would have been a bit more fluffy. I'm not a snap back kind of mom! The first time I got pregnant and had a baby I was mortified at my postpartum body! My tummy was sagging, unusually dark in color and covered in stretchmarks! The thing that kept my confidence level up was the love of my husband that has never wavered no matter how my body has morphed. He gets it! He loves me and that's really all that matters!! I wanted to share some tips on how to love your postpartum body.

1. Dress it up in clothes that fit. I'm usually a size 6 and now I'm a size 8. After having the baby I went out and bought a couple dresses that actually fit my current body. If I tried to fit into a size small anything now there would be lumps and bumps everywhere and that's just not flattering. 

2. Speak positively about your body. The sexiest moms that I know range in a number of sizes and what renders them sexy to me is that they never put themselves down. That's just so sexy! Their love for themselves shape how other people see them. I swear...I believe that just thinking and speaking positively about your body helps to get it back into shape.

3. Look at your baby. You did that! You carried that beauty inside you for 9 months and there is nothing in the world that can compare to what you've accomplished. 

4. Ignore ignorant comments. "You still look pregnant" is something I've gotten a lot as a postpartum mom. I've learned to ignore comments like that. Whether people are intentionally or unintentionally mean is no longer any of my business. 

5. Be patient. It took you 9 months to gain the weight and it doesn't just go away once the baby is born. I've learned to just focus on loving, nursing and nurturing my little one and in time things just go back to normal.

6. Don't compare. There are some celebrities and super awesome Instagram mommies that worked out during their pregnancies that snap back in 2 days. THAT'S NOT ME! Every mom is so different. Genetics, diet, exercise and just life make each of us beautifully different. Just love you!

 Note: In the third photo you can clearly see my postpartum pooch. Still can't tell me nothing! Confidence level on 100! LOL  

Velvet Slip Dress: H&M - SIMILAR HERE
Denim Jacket: OLD NAVY 

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