Animal Print & Giving Thanks

Thursday, November 27, 2014

To be happy is to be thankful. A mere day out of the year does not suffice. It should be a daily thanking. Before the eyes awake the mind should ponder on things for which we are happy. On this thanksgiving of 2014 here are 14 things for which I am happy. 

1. A second chance. 
2. My husband 
3. My three sons. 
4. Friendship. 
5. Running water. 
6. Free parks, libraries, museums. 
7. Education. 
8. Audio Books. 
9. Shea Butter. 
10. Bees. 
11. Seeds. 
12. Sunshine. 
13. Dirt. 
14. Green Smoothies. 

Note to self. A body conscious dress isn't the best choice for post thanksgiving dinner pooch. Lol 

Dress ~ Forever 21
Jacket ~ TJ Maxx
Scarf ~ TJ Maxx
Boots ~ Nordstrom Rack

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