Baby Love Breaks - How to Cope with Stress during Pregnancy

Friday, December 16, 2016

As a girl growing up I often heard women say that what you experience during pregnancy has a large role in the development of your child – their temperament, health, pretty much who they turn out to be. Actually I’ve been researching and it seems that science is proving some of this to be true. Research shows links between a mother’s exposure to stress during pregnancy and the cognitive development, behavior and even long term health of her offspring. I know, as if we need any more pressure as moms…

I sat in the chair at my midwife’s office during the earlier stages of my pregnancy fighting to hold back tears. I was going through a tough time with a personality and work and my anxiety was literally out the roof…I was having panic attacks in my sleep y’all! (I’ve since spoken directly to the person and things have changed for the better…let me know if you ever need tips on conflict resolution…because I got some! LOL) That’s the first time I heard about baby love breaks. She advised me to take moments throughout the day to connect with baby, rub my belly and whisper that the events I was going through has nothing to do with him. Since then I’ve found little ways to reconnect my focus to loving my unborn child through the chaos of daily live. Here are some things that truly help me;

Rub it away– In the morning, at night and during the day I take time out to rub my belly. It instantly calms and relaxes me and helps me to feel bonded to my baby. I know he feels the good vibes also
Work it away – After reading that working out helps to reduce cortisol levels (a stress hormone) I committed myself to working out. I close the blinds to my office and do 2 quick 5-minute pregnancy workouts daily; you can find tons on YouTube. I rub my belly and tell him that this is for him. I want to balance my stress, increase my serotonin levels (a happy hormone) and do what it takes to make sure that he is healthy.
Staycation it away -  Lately we have been taking time to escape life and just relax as a family. There’s just something amazing about seeing new sites that regulates the mood.We stay in cities and towns in the region and I always return refreshed.
Reading it away – I keep children’s books in my car and escape during the day to just read to baby. He can here my voice beautiful!
Friend it away– Good friends make to world go ‘round! Truly! Nothing can beat getting a good belly laugh in during a delicious meal! This is good for baby! Spend time with those that love you and lift you up.
Shop it away – My jeans stopped fitting months ago! During my last pregnancy I bought a new dress every week after twenty weeks as a little celebration! It helped me to have something to look forward to and that little guy turned out to be the happiest little fella ever! Hehe
Dance it away - The kitchen is our favorite place! Not just for eating...but some of the best dance moves you've ever seen are born in our kitchen! lol. I crank up the music, burst out dancing and the boys and daddy join me. Talk about laughter and distressing.
Sleep it away - When I'm tense and wound up it's most likely because I need to rest. I try to go to bed early and take a 10 minute power nap when I can.
Meditate it away - I sit silent for 10 minutes each day...with my eyes closed and consciously try to think about nothing. This helps so much! There are also great pregnancy guided meditations on YouTube.
Affirm it away -  I keep a few bible promises handy when I'm stressed, depressed or anxious. It's amazing how saying it to myself often changes my thought patterns. Psalms 139:14, Romans 8:37, Romans 8:28, Jeremiah 1:5 are some of my favorites. Every time I think negatively I stop and recite one of these verses in my head.

I hope these tips help. What do you do to unwind?


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