Minimalist BirthDay Style

Sunday, August 25, 2019

I recently celebrated my birthday and I have to say that the 30s is so much better than the 20s!  My voice is bolder...I say yes and mean it and no and also mean it. The fear of being disliked has totally dissipated and the ability to set clear boundaries is so satisfying. No one really tells you when you're a woman. A strong feeling erupts and you must start declaring it.

The chase for authenticity in establishing who I am has now also extended in my personal style. Instead of going for uncomfortable heels and all the bells and whistles I decided to wear something that more represented by heart. A care free sole that doesn't like all the fuss. At my core I'm a simple, earthy woman. Don't get me wrong...frills, lace and bows certainly have their place but the truest version of myself is more casual chic. We spent the day on the water chasing whales...more on that in a later post.

I went with a beautiful cotton button down v-neck striped dress from Ross that was just $12.99, pink sandals and a denim jacket. More no fuss minimalist style to come.

Dress: ROSS ~ Similar Here
Shoes: ROSS ~ Similar Here
Denim Jacket ~ Target 

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