Tips for Camping With Kids

Thursday, July 19, 2018

I never thought that I'd be an outdoorsy person before I had kids. Becoming a boy mom has definitely taken me outside of my comfort zone and can I say that I just love it! Exploring the outdoors has now become our favorite pastime.

One of our favorite outdoor activity is camping! We love being free and in the wild. For me, camping with kids is much easier than I thought it would be. Here are some tips that work well for us.

1. CAMP WITH FRIENDS - If it's your first time I would highly recommend that you camp with friends that have gone camping before. We had no idea how to put up a tent when we went camping the first time. It was so much better to have people around us that knew what they were doing. In addition, when you camp as a group, tasks such as cooking, tidying up and supervising the kids can be shared so its much less pressure on you.

2. INVEST IN A GOOD TENT - I got our tent at Target on clearance and it broke on our last camping trip! Thank goodness we were with a large group and someone had an extra tent! A friend told me that she's had hers for 15 years and it has held up well. Our goal is to eventually save up to buy this one from Cabela's. We plan on using it for many years so the higher cost would be totally worth it! Some cost effective ones with good reviews are here  and here.

3. PACK WARM CLOTHING - No matter how hot it is during the day the temperature drops at night. Pack enough warm sleepers, hoodies, sweaters, socks, hats etc.

4. RESEARCH THE CAMPSITE - It is important to me that the campsites we choose has restroom and shower facilities. Think about what your specific needs are and research the site beforehand.

5. PACK EASY FOODS TO COOK- Meals such as quick oats, hotdogs, baked beans and rice and spaghetti cook quickly. Plan each meal ahead of time and pack adequately. In additions if you have a child with specific allergies make sure that you pack for their specific needs.

6. ARRIVE DURING THE DAY - The worst thing is trying to put up a tent at nighttime. When you plan a trip try to schedule the day off at work so that you can get to the site early enough to set up the tent, mattress, cooking station etc.

7. EAT MEAL BEFORE ARRIVING - If we are arriving at lunch or dinner time we stop at a restaurant on the way to eat before we get to the camp site. This helps us not to have to rush to get a meal prepped and cooked when we just arrive. We can spend that time setting up securely, exploring the site or getting ready for bed.

8. SLEEPING GEAR - It is so important that everyone gets a good night's sleep for the camping trip to be successful. Invest in a quality air mattress, sleeping bags sleeping, cot etc. Also bring lots of warm blankets! I usually co sleep with the baby on the cot while everyone else sleeps on the air mattress. They even have bunk cots!

9. BRING BIKES & FAVORITE TOYS - Most camp sites have lovely trails for biking. In addition bring their favorite balls, blow up water toys, card games etc.

10. GARBAGE BAG - Remember to pack a couple garbage bags for dirty clothes, pull ups, diapers, garbage etc.

Camping is a cost effective fun summer activity that your kids would love! Happy camping!

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