How to show your mom love on Mother's Day

Monday, May 3, 2021

Mother's Day is fast approaching and you might be wondering what to get for your mom to show her love this year. Have no fear! Even if you've procrastinated here are some ways that you can show your mom that you love her!  

Have a virtual brunch date - Spending quality time with your mom is sure to bring joy to her heart! She might not be keen on the idea of eating out as a result of the pandemic but that doesn't mean that you can't order brunch for you to enjoy with her! Even if you are in seperate locations you can order food for the both of you and video conference while enjoying your special meal together. 

Gift her a massage -  Giving your mom the gift of relaxation is such a wonderful gesture of love! There is no doubt that this pandemic has stressed every mom out! A calm massage might be just what your mom needs to feel loved and relaxed this Mother's Day! 

Clean up for her - Cleaning for your mom is the ultimate show of love for moms who enjoy kind acts of service. You can help her organize a space, wash the dishes, clean up around the yard or dust. If you live far away then gift her a cleaning service. This will allow her to put her feet up and enjoy a clean home! Trust me, she'd be sure to remember it! 

Send her a physical postcard! - This year I'm using the  MyPostcard app to send physical postcards to all the amazing moms in my life! MyPostcard is so great because you can upload personal photos from your mobile phone or social media and create a personalized postcard with a Mother's Day message to her. The great thing is that they mail the postcard for you straight from the app! You don't even have to go to the post office! They have lovely Mother's Day templates to choose from and the cost is as low as $2.99 per card! Send your mom some happy mail! They ship worldwide! 

Buy her a plant - Many opt for buying flowers for their mom on Mother's Day but although cut flowers are lovely they do not last forever. An indoor plant is a beautiful way to show love to your mom because she'd have it as a reminder. Each time that she sees it she'll be sure to remember you! Some great options for house plants are Peace Lily, Philodendron, Pothos, Chinese Money Plant and Live Calathea. 

Send her a cute video - Moms love personal videos! You can use iMovie or a video editor app to create a video of you and your siblings sharing a Mother's Day greeting to your mom. Add some music and a slideshow of photos and voila! She'd feel so loved! 

Simply say it! - Nothing warms the heart of a mother more than hearing "I love you mom!" No matter how old you get she will never grow tired of hearing it. Those words pierces straight to her heart! If you want to really make her heart sing then, add a list of things that you are thankful to her for. For instance, "I love you mom, thank you for always being someone I can call on" or "I love you mom, thank you for babysitting for me! You're a great grandma." 

Happy Mother's Day and I hope that you remember to show love to your mom this year! 

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